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Brass Keyhole Lolita Hairclips by SteamSociety Brass Keyhole Lolita Hairclips :iconsteamsociety:SteamSociety 67 0
Death Battle: Left 4 Dead Survivors vs Joel

Vocal: Well, we've got the fighters set, weapons locked and loaded and the results are in!
HD: So buckle up, because it's time for a Death Battle!
            Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... 
As gunfire rang out, infected fell to the ground, dead. a group of four Survivors, charged through the city, blowing away any infected that came close. Each member covering each other whenever they needed to reload or step away from the action. Francis, the Biker, bringing up his Pump shotgun, blasted away two infected that tried to leap at Zoey, the college student. Zoey, wielding her dual pistols, shot several zombies in the head as they rushed the business man, Louis. Louis, with his SMG, gunned down the infected headed toward Francis.
As for the Vietnam veteran, Bill? He was gunning down any infected that he saw. With frightening accuracy, he bl
:icongimmyjibbsjr:GimmyJibbsJr 27 29
DWOAH: Deathstroke vs Adam Taurus
Deadliest warriors of all history
Deathstroke vs Adam Taurus
Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke info:
Height: 6 foot 4
Weight: 225lbs
Weapons: Promethium Sword, Ballistic Staff, Sai Knives, Dual SMG’s
Armour: Nth metal Armour (comprised of metal with a stronger structure than titanium)
Strengths: Master Swordsman/Sharpshooter/All-round combatant, Accelerated healing, Super strength, Super speed, Super human senses and reflexes, Master Tactician.
Weaknesses: Cannot heal instantly i.e. major wounds can take minutes at a time to heal over, Cannot survive decapitation, Limited to no depth perception due to lacking a right eye.
Adam Taurus info:
Height: 6 foot 4
Weight: 175lbs
Weapons: Wilt and Blush, a Katana and Sheath combo with the Sheath doubling as a short barrelled Rifle.
Strengths: Master Swordsman, Semblance allows him to absorb and send attacks back twice as powerful, Superhuman Strength powerful enough to cut through a person’s Aura even if they’re Semblance is defens
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 27 65
Fresh Snow by YAMsgarden Fresh Snow :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 6,541 492 Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships by DirkLoechel Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships :icondirkloechel:DirkLoechel 34,571 8,484 Boss Butch Bunch by Shenaniganza Boss Butch Bunch :iconshenaniganza:Shenaniganza 671 58 Kirby 20th by SakikoAmana Kirby 20th :iconsakikoamana:SakikoAmana 912 229 Planet robobot by FlintofMother3 Planet robobot :iconflintofmother3:FlintofMother3 222 27 Bariloche Argentina by rociocrush Bariloche Argentina :iconrociocrush:rociocrush 4 0 Scared Ruby reacts to Shin Gojira by superkaijuking Scared Ruby reacts to Shin Gojira :iconsuperkaijuking:superkaijuking 43 24
Death Battle! Darth Vader vs Esdeath

Johnny: All right, the combatants are set. Time to see which general will reign supreme.
Kym: it’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!
It was not a good day for the Empire.
It had all begun when a gigantic starship had appeared in the sky above the imperial palace. By guards had noticed it and reported to the generals, it had landed, and its hatches had opened to reveal a hundreds of soldiers dressed in strange white armor, all carrying weirdly shaped guns. They flooded the streets, bursting into houses, driving out the people, and sending them into panic. To make matters worse, they fired off what looked like red lasers that burned away at houses. Houses were burning, people were running about on the streets, and everything was slowly falling into chaos.
The Empire responded accordingly.
The palace doors were thrown open to reveal a legion of soldiers, all dressed in gray uniforms, with gray helmets and
:iconjamesbreaker15:jamesbreaker15 96 130
Five Nights to Die Hard - Fight Part 2

(Fair Warning, strong language ahead)
-2:00 AM-
“Nngh…I can’t believe I’m doing this again…” McClane complained to himself as he squeezed through the air vent, his gun in hand as he crawled through the filthy vents, ranting against his situation as he started to mock his chief. 
“Don’t do it John. I’ll have your badge for this John. This is Connecticut’s problem now, John.” He went on until he heard rattling in the vents. John pulled out his flashlight as he shone the light in front and behind him. He saw nothing, but John kept hearing rattling inside these vents, unsure from where they were coming from as the sound reverberated from the metal. John held onto his gun tightly as he continued to crawl through the ventilation shaft with his flashlight in hand as the metal lining of the shaft vibrated in a strange pattern. 
John stopped for a moment near a fork in
:iconvolts48:Volts48 42 35
Bowser's Last Punch by Hugo-H2P Bowser's Last Punch :iconhugo-h2p:Hugo-H2P 525 136 Five nights with Trevor by Rokatinsky Five nights with Trevor :iconrokatinsky:Rokatinsky 4,490 606 Destiny's A Bitch by VangarShriek Destiny's A Bitch :iconvangarshriek:VangarShriek 111 39 Down for the Count by poopbear Down for the Count :iconpoopbear:poopbear 15,816 3,862


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